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Randy Brimm

The Merge management team is friendly, professional management professionals. I have the utmost trust in their ability to handle my tenants fairly and expand my properties beyond expectation. As a multi-property owner, I have never received a complaint since Merge took over, and in the long run, building and sustaining a satisfied tenant population is crucial in maintaining a healthy bottom line for my businesses.

When hiring Merge, the highest priority was increasing the occupancy rate in my properties with bona fide tenants, and they delivered in spades. In fact, since hiring Merge, the occupancy rate in our properties has increased an average of 5% with a much more dependable tenant profile. We have a contented tenant population that truly enjoy living in our properties, and that is because of the excellent management skills.

Their hands-on approach to business has not only translated to higher occupancy, but also to more productive cash flow and better-maintained properties. In just two years, we have improved cash flow by about 25%, and the grounds and landscaping are much improved. Merge walks that fine line between protecting the investment and keeping up with maintenance while maintaining a positive cash flow so everyone is happy.

It is with no hesitation that I recommend Merge to any and all property owners in the nearby markets. They have extensive knowledge of the Austin-area market, and are exceptionally reliable in their approach to property management. I wish I had a dozen more like Merge to manage my other properties.

-- Randy Brimm, general partner and owner/ operator of 14 investment properties in the U.S. for over 40 years

Joe Shepard

We have owned a 224 unit apartment community in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area for the past six years. While we always finished the year close to budget, I felt the property could do better.

In March of 2012 Merge took over the management of the property and began a transformation from a property that felt lethargic to one that was energized. There was an immediate change in the property as everything from procedures to vendors was evaluated. Communication between the staff was improved and performance standards for all aspects of the operation were elevated to a higher level. Within six weeks the property looked immensely better due to greater attention to detail in both maintenance and landscaping.

Our physical occupancy has improved as well as our economic occupancy. Operating expenses are below budget, as well as capital expenditures. The overall bottom line is significantly ahead of budget YTD even after taking over a property where the bottom line was below budget only months before.

I would highly recommend Merge Management to breathe new life into your investment.